CA Mushrooms

Mushroom Art Registry:
Post 1950

This file is especially incomplete because of the difficulty in assessing what works of art from this period, not having had the test of time, to include. Some entries overlap with the 1850-1950 period and may be found in that file. The dates following the artist’s name are often those of his period of greatest creativity, not necessarily those of the artist's birth and death.

Armfield, Maxwell Ashby. British. 1882-1972

Booth, Raymond. British. 1929-

Boynton, James. American. 1928-

Burkman, Elsie. American. 1912-2003

Clarke, Magda. British. 1916-

Craxton, John. British. 1922-

Ellenrieder. Wolfgang. German. 1959-

Flösser Gerd. German. Contemporary

Grass, Günther. German. 1927-

Höller, Carsten. Belgium born, works in Germany. 1961-

Hussel, Daniela. German. 1963-

Jans, J. French? 20th century

Kiefer, Anseld. German 1945-

Kraemer, Dieter. German. Contemporary

Kruse-Kolk, Alie. German. Contemporary

Kubin, Alfred. Czech-Austrian. 1877-1959

Lawrence, Sandra. British. Contemporary

Levi, Carlo. Italian. Turin 1902-Rome 1975

Lingus, Menike. Canadian. 1943-

Lugus, Merike. Canadian. Estonia 1943-

Martin du Mesnil, Dorothee. French. 1959-

Mattheuer, Wolfgang. German. 1927-

Mazot, Louis. French. Montpelier 1919-

Morgan, Glyn. British (Welsh). 1926-

Mühlbauer, Rita. German. 1941-

Neville W. British. Contemporary

Nikl, Peter, Czech, 1960-

Nørgaard, Bjørn. Danish. 1947-

Paine, Roxy. American. New York, 1966-

Polke, Sigmar. German. 1941-

Possenti, Antonio. Italian. Lucca 1933-

Post, Wolfgang. German. Contemporary

Procházka, Frantiˇsek. Czech. Contemporary

Rabus, Léopold. Swiss. 1977

Regianini, Luigi. Italian. Milan 1930-?

Rickman, Philip. British. 1891-1982

Scott, William. British. 1913-1989

Trabura, Herman. Czech. 1960-

Twombly, Cy. American 1928-

Warhol, Andy. American. Pittsburgh 1928-New York 1987