CA Mushrooms

The Registry of Mushrooms in Works of Art

– Compiled and curated by Elio Schaechter, Hanns Kreisel, Tjakko Stijve, and Daniel Thoen
– Redacted by Marjorie Young
– Web implementation by Michael Wood


The purpose of the Registry is to contribute to the understanding of the relationship between mushrooms and people as reflected in works of art from different historical periods, and to provide enjoyment to anyone interested in the subject. At present, the Registry includes almost exclusively Western art.

Included in the registry are works with demonstrable artistic value as judged by one or more of the following criteria:

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This registry is an open-ended endeavor. We hope that it will stimulate others will look for mushrooms in works of art. Note the criteria for inclusion mentioned above. You are welcome to share your “finds” with us by email (addresses below). If possible, please include:


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