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Works Attributed to Pseudo Fardella (Painter of Carlo Torre)

Pseudo Fardella or Painter of Carlo Torre are the names given to an unidentified Italian artist whose works had been previously assigned to Fardella di Calvello or Giuseppe Fardella. He was active in the second half of the 17th century. Many of his works are in deposit in the Florence’s Gallerie Statali or in private hands. The artist is the subject of a book, Le Nature Morte del “Pittore di Carlo Torre” Pseudo Fardella by Cirillo,. G and Godi. G. 1996. Parma, Italy: PPS editrice (NMPCT). Of the 103 paintings in the book, 52 (50.4%) depict mushrooms.

The numbers correspond to those of the figures in the book.

Total number of paintings: 52

List of Paintings

List of species in paintings (numbers in NMPTC)