The North American Species of Pholiota

Key to Subgenera of Pholiota

1. Pileus cuticle lacking any gelatinous layers (surface granulose to fibrillose or scaly, or rarely canescent, glabrous and hygrophanous
1. Pileus cuticle with a layer of gelatinized hyphae in some part (surface may be glabrous to scaly)
2. Pileus glabrous and hygrophanous or merely silky to canescent over the surface (see also Subg. Hemipholiota)
2. Pileus dry, scaly to granulose or coarsely fibrillose
3. Pileus and stipe scaly to coarsely fibrillose (but not granulose) and chrysocystidia (or similar cells) present in hymenium
Subg. Pholiota
3. Pileus fibrillose, scaly or granulose, lacking chrysocystidia in hymenium
Subg. Flavidula
4. Pleurocystidia absent; spores at least weakly dextrinoid
Subg. Flammula
4. Not as above
5. Pileus and stipe typically distinctly scaly at the time the veil breaks; chrysocystidia or somewhat similar structures present in hymenium
Subg. Pholiota Sect. Adiposae
5. Not as above
6. Pleurocystidia present and prominently projecting
6. Pleurocystidia not as above
7. Pleurocystidia absent or if present as leptocystidia then not projecting appreciably
7. Pleurocystidia present as chrysocystidia
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