The North American Species of Crepidotus

30. Crepidotus applanatus var. diversus var. nov.

Illustrations: Figs. 82, 83.

Pileus 1-3 cm latus, flabelliformis demum spatulatus, sessilis, albus, glabrosus vel villosus, margine striatus. Lamellae angustae, perdensae, albae deinde brunneae. Sporae 4-4.8 (5.2) µ, globosae, punctatae. Basidia (21) 26-30 (35) x 6-8 µ, tetraspora. Pleurocystidia desunt; cheilocystidia 25-52 x 5-9 (15) µ. Cuticula ex hyphis repentibus composita, pileocystidia bifurcata gerens, 24-130 x 6-10 µ. Fibulae adsunt. Specimen typicum in Herb. Univ. Mich.; lectum in Petawawa Forest, Ontario, Canada, Sept. 5, 1947, A. H. Smith 26573.

Pileus 1-3 cm broad, narrowly flabelliform to spathulate, sessile, white, glabrous to more or less villose, margin striate. Context thin, soft, pallid or watery white; odor and taste none or mild.

Lamellae adnate to decurrent, radiate, white then dull cinnamon to pale Mikado brown, narrow, very crowded, edges even or crenate.

Stipe none, base of pileus narrowed. Spores in deposit "cinnamon brown."

Spores 4-4.8 (5.2) µ, globose punctate. Basidia (21) 26-30 (35) x 6-8 µ, 4-spored. Pleurocystidia none; cheilocystidia 25-52 x 5-9 (15) µ, clavate, cylindric, at times capitate, ventricose, apices truncate or obtuse, often broadened by forking or branching. Gill trama subparallel to interwoven, hyphae 4-7 (11) µ broad. Pileus trama interwoven. Cuticle of repent hyphae, bearing erect, colorless, scattered or gregarious pileocystidia , filamentous, cylindric, clavate, or subventricose, the apices obtuse or often forked or branched, 24-130 x 6-10 µ. Clamp connections present.

Habit, Habitat, and Distribution: On hardwood logs, Maine, Michigan, Quebec, and Ontario, July-September.

Material Studied: MAINE: Bigelow 10595 (MASS); MICHIGAN: Smith 61486, 67055; ONTARIO: Smith 26479, 26573 (type, from Petawawa Forest, September 5, 1947); QUEBEC: Smith 61703.

Observations: This variety is distinguished chiefly by its different cheilocystidia and pileocystidia , which are forked, branched, or knobbed.