North American Species of Crepidotus

Excluded Species

Because of the similarity of growth habit, some pleurotoid agarics with colored spores have, in the past, been incorrectly assigned to the genus Crepidotus. But in recent studies, these species have appropriately been removed to other genera, including Claudopus, Clitopilus, Melanotus, Paxillus, Phaeomarasmius, Pleuroflammula, Phyllotopsis, Pyrrhoglossum, and Simocybe. For the convenience of the student, several of the more common of these species are included in our keys, even though they are clearly not members of the genus Crepidotus. And for further reference, we have, on the succeeding pages, also included descriptions and observations based on our studies of the types (in all except Phyllotopsis nidulans).

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