California Fungi—Amanita
California Fungi

Amanita Persoon ex Hooker
Flora Scotland 2: 19. 1821.

Amanita is a genus of mostly medium to large gilled mushrooms. The most famous member of the genus is the red capped, white warted, "fly agaric" (Amanita muscaria). Amanita contains the world's most deadly mushrooms (A. phalloides, A. virosa) and some excellent edible mushrooms.

Principle characteristics of the genus Amanita:

Keys and descriptions of the genus Amanita:

Amanita species known to occur in California:

  1. Amanita aprica
  2. Amanita augusta
  3. Amanita bivolvata
  4. Amanita breckonii
  5. Amanita californica
  6. Amanita calyptroderma
  7. Amanita cokeri
  8. Amanita constricta
  9. Amanita farinosa
  10. Amanita gemmata
    1. var. exannulata
    2. var. gemmata
  11. Amanita magniverrucata
  12. Amanita muscaria
    1. var. alba
    2. var. flavivolvata
    3. var. formosa
    4. var. muscaria
  13. Amanita novinupta
  14. Amanita ocreata
  15. Amanita pachycolea
  16. Amanita pantherina
  17. Amanita phalloides
  18. Amanita porphyria
  19. Amanita protecta
  20. Amanita silvicola
  21. Amanita smithiana
  22. Amanita vaginata
  23. Amanita velosa