Fungi of California



The Fungi of California is dedicated to Dr. Harry D. Thiers, Emeritus Professor of Mycology at San Francisco State University, who served as Scientific Advisor to the Mycological Society of San Francisco for over 25 years. Dr. Thiers unselfishly gave numerous hours of his valuable time teaching anyone who was willing to learn about the wonders that make the higher fungi unique and beautiful. He sacrificed his time and talents so that others might benefit from his knowledge in a way that few men are willing to do in this day and age.

A devoted teacher, with unbridled enthusiasm for his chosen field, Dr. Thiers introduced many undergraduate students to the world of the fungi. Thirty-two of his students went on to advanced degrees and are now making their mark in the fields of mycology, lichenology, bryology, and algology. Without the foundation of knowledge given to the authors by Dr. Thiers, this web site would not be possible.

Thank you, Dr. Thiers. Thank you for your patience, your dedication, the many memorable field trips, and most of all your enthusiasm and excitement in studying such a fascinating group of organisms. You made the fungi a large part of our lives, and made it so enjoyable for us to learn that we feel we must pass on some of this knowledge and excitement to others!

—Michael Wood
—Fred Stevens
—Herb Saylor


The authors wish to acknowledge the people who helped make The Fungi of California possible. Special thanks to Herb Saylor who wrote the much of the first glossary and dedication and helped with descriptions; Mike Boom for his excellent editorial skills; and Dr. Dennis Desjardin of San Francisco State University for his mycological expertise. Finally, we are indebted to the mycologists, amateur and professional, whose books we frequently refer to: Dr. Alexander Smith, Dr. Daniel Stunz, Dr. Harry Thiers, Dr. Orson Miller, David Arora, Gary H. Lincoff, and many others (please see the Bibliography).


A profusion of thanks to the photographers who made this project possible: