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WebWatch: Moreling on the Web

02 July 2010

Morels are most likely on every mushroomers’ short list of favorite edible fungi. But delicious as they are, morels are much more than just a good meal. Morels are esoteric and mysterious, seemingly not bound by the rules of ‘ordinary’ mushrooms. Where and how to find them have become part of the folklore in much of North America, especially in the mid-west where moreling has been elevated almost to the status of religion. For many the hunt is the goal, so compelling that there are morelers that don’t even eat their catch! (more…)

Web Watch: Useful References, Descriptions, & Keys

09 November 2009

In this issue of WebWatch we will explore some useful references regarding the identification and classification of mushrooms and other fungi.  These are aimed at the amateur mycologist interested in progressing beyond the field guide level in their pursuit of mushroom identification and understanding of mushroom taxonomy and nomenclature. (more…)

Web Watch: Fungal Photography on the Web

17 July 2009

When I first started MykoWeb so many years ago, I envisioned that soon there would be websites popping up all over the world that documented their local funga[1] with good photographs. After all it was expensive to publish hard copies of color photographs, but cheap to put color photos on the web. Alas, my dream of many fine local fungas on the web has not been fulfilled for a couple of reasons: good mushroom photos are hard to take and there are few willing to devote the time and effort necessary to create a good and lasting website. (more…)

Web Watch: MykoWeb

20 June 2009

In this installment of “Web Watch” I am covering MykoWeb. First of all, a disclaimer is needed: since MykoWeb is my site, I cannot promise you a totally objective review!

MykoWeb was one of the first mushroom sites on the World Wide Web. Started on 27 September 1995, it has just celebrated its first birthday as a teenager! Since inception, MykoWeb has grown into what is probably the world’s largest and most informative mycological web site. With over 1400 pages and over 6000 photographs, the information presented is extensive. (more…)

WebWatch: Observing Mushrooms

06 June 2009

Many of you probably expect me to cover my own website, MykoWeb, in this second installment of Web Watch. Instead, I will cover a less well known, but excellent new site, Mushroom Observer. MO may well be the best World Wide Web mycology site that you have never heard of. (more…)

WebWatch: The beginnings of mycology on the World Wide Web

14 May 2009

The “World Wide Web” and the “Internet” are two terms that are often mistakenly used as synonyms, but they are not the same. The World Wide Web (“Web” or “WWW”) is made up of the documents and other information made available over the Internet, which consists of the computers, routers, wires, and cables that make this information available. In other words, the WWW is the info and the Internet is the infrastructure. (more…)