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‘Magic’ Mushroom: Chinese Fungus Glows in the Dark

26 August 2013

On a recent trip to southern China, I came across glowing mushrooms while walking through a bamboo forest on my way home from dinner. (more…)

Intriguing Examples of Fungi Photography

09 January 2012

Although my main focus has been on the scientific aspects of fungi, I have always particulary enjoyed the beauty of the form of fungi. I received an email last week from fungal photographer Warren Krupsaw pointing me to some of his photographs that do a fine job of illustrating the beauty of fungi. In the words of the photographer: (more…)

Web Watch: Fungal Photography on the Web

17 July 2009

When I first started MykoWeb so many years ago, I envisioned that soon there would be websites popping up all over the world that documented their local funga[1] with good photographs. After all it was expensive to publish hard copies of color photographs, but cheap to put color photos on the web. Alas, my dream of many fine local fungas on the web has not been fulfilled for a couple of reasons: good mushroom photos are hard to take and there are few willing to devote the time and effort necessary to create a good and lasting website. (more…)