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‘Magic’ Mushroom: Chinese Fungus Glows in the Dark

26 August 2013

On a recent trip to southern China, I came across glowing mushrooms while walking through a bamboo forest on my way home from dinner. (more…)

CAF Popular Fungi

21 December 2010

I’m often asked what are the most viewed species at the “Fungi of California“. So here is the list of the 100 most visited species from November 2010, listed in order of descending popularity.

  1. Boletus edulis
  2. Amanita muscaria
  3. Agaricus augustus
  4. Cantharellus cibarius
  5. Pleurotus ostreatus (more…)

The Hunt for Blue October

16 November 2009

“These people must think I’m nuts.” I had just finished an evening presentation for a couple of mushroom clubs on the Olympic Peninsula (WA), and passing on dinner and a warm bed, I headed into the darkness. (more…)

Volvariella bombycina in full glory

05 October 2009

Sometime back in the ’80s, I was on my first mushroom photography trip to the Appalachians. It was a hot and sticky day in North Carolina, and I found a beautiful pair of white mushrooms growing out of a small stump. These were special because they each came out of a large cup at the base but were clearly not Amanitas, which don’t grow on wood. (more…)