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‘Magic’ Mushroom: Chinese Fungus Glows in the Dark

26 August 2013

On a recent trip to southern China, I came across glowing mushrooms while walking through a bamboo forest on my way home from dinner. (more…)

The Hunt for Blue October

16 November 2009

“These people must think I’m nuts.” I had just finished an evening presentation for a couple of mushroom clubs on the Olympic Peninsula (WA), and passing on dinner and a warm bed, I headed into the darkness. (more…)

Spring Fungi of the Sierra Nevada

10 June 2009

Last week was the first week of June, which means I was gone to the Sierras. I’m always gone to the Sierras the first week of June. It’s the week of the “Spring Fungi of the Sierra Nevada” class at the San Francisco State University Sierra Nevada Field Station, near Yuba Pass, California. We usually call it the “Yuba Pass” class. (more…)

Morel Mania

24 May 2009

Or What to Do With Too Many Morels!

You are just back from a very productive trip to the woods with baskets and baskets of prime fresh morels (lucky you!). You eat morels for dinner. You have morels with scrambled eggs for breakfast. You make homemade morel paté to have with cheese and bread for lunch. Morels for dinner again. You love these fresh morels, but it is time to decide that “enough is enough, I must preserve some of these delectable morel morsels for later use”. (more…)

Morel & Asparagus Omelet

16 May 2009

Last weekend we spent a short time collecting morels in El Dorado County with our good friend Bob Mackler.  A few pounds of morels were plenty for us to have morels prepared one way or another for most of a week. This morning I made an omelet with the last of the fresh morels collected last weekend. (more…)

Spring Brings Morels

01 May 2009

Come, gentle Spring! Ethereal mildness, come.—James Thomson

The poet James Thomson was undoubtedly urging on spring as a relief to the harsh Scottish winters, but as mycophagists we wait impatiently for spring because we know that spring brings morels. There is nothing finer than a walk into the spring woods with its clean air, green grass, and beautiful wildflowers. Nothing finer except a walk out of the woods with your basket laden with morels! (more…)