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Eating Amanita muscaria

15 December 2012

I often get surprised looks when I tell other mushroomers that I sometimes eat Amanita muscaria (and I do mean for dinner, not for other purposes). But the ‘fly agaric’ is a good edible mushroom if properly prepared. I slice the mushrooms thin and boil them in ample salted water for ten minutes, drain and rinse. (Some recommend a longer boil or two boiling sessions, but this has worked for me.) Then they are sautéed until brown. They won’t make my list of ten favorite mushrooms, but they are quite good and everyone likes them. (more…)

Paranoid Lunatics with Guns

30 November 2011

In late October Dennis Desjardin, Fred Stevens, my wife Jane, and I drove to the Crescent City area of California to photograph mushrooms for a forthcoming book. Dennis, Fred and I have a contract with Timber Press to publish a book called “California Mushrooms”. It will include keys, descriptions, and color photographs to about 650 species of California macro-fungi. (more…)

CAF Popular Fungi

21 December 2010

I’m often asked what are the most viewed species at the “Fungi of California“. So here is the list of the 100 most visited species from November 2010, listed in order of descending popularity.

  1. Boletus edulis
  2. Amanita muscaria
  3. Agaricus augustus
  4. Cantharellus cibarius
  5. Pleurotus ostreatus (more…)