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Web Watch: Fungal Photography on the Web

Posted on 17 July 2009 by Michael Wood

When I first started MykoWeb so many years ago, I envisioned that soon there would be websites popping up all over the world that documented their local funga[1] with good photographs. After all it was expensive to publish hard copies of color photographs, but cheap to put color photos on the web. Alas, my dream of many fine local fungas on the web has not been fulfilled for a couple of reasons: good mushroom photos are hard to take and there are few willing to devote the time and effort necessary to create a good and lasting website.

Although there are not as many good mushroom photo sites as we would all like to see, there are a few that present consistently fine fungal photography. I will introduce you to a few here:

Yves Deneyer: Mycologie et Photographie ( This is a place where you can spend many wonderful hours exploring.  With 3590 photographs illustrating 1500 species, it is one of the largest mushroom photography sites on the web. The quality of the photos is excellent and they are presented in a luxuriously large size (900 x 675 pixels) for your viewing pleasure.

Pilzgalerie ( With over 3500 photos of about 500 species, this is another huge photo site. The quality of the photographs is excellent and the size is very nice at mostly 800 x 600 pixels.

Cercle de Mycologie de Mons (JJ Wuilbaut) ( This is another large collection of very good photographs. There are about 1750 photographs, mostly from Belgium and France. They are presented in a nice size (around 800 x 600 pixels).

David Work Mushroom Photography ( David, besides being a fine fungal photographer, is a chef and a contributing editor to Fungi. There are several hundred beautiful photos here, many available in very large sizes.

Gruppo Micologico «G. Bresadola» ( About 250 species are illustrated with very good photographs by Marco Floriani. The size of the photos is mostly 600 x 400 pixels.

Photogalerie des Pilzvereins der Region Baden (  Nice photos, presented at about 640 x 480 pixels, of close to 400 species. Unlike most collections listed here, these photos are accompanied by descriptions (in German).

Mycolim-Fotogalerij (  Nice photos of about 400 species, many illustrated with multiple photos. The photographs are 600 x 450 pixels, or a bit bigger, and each is given both its Latin and Dutch name.

Kinoko-ya ( Kinoko means mushroom in Japanese and Kinoko-ya roughly translates as “mushroomer”.  Excellent photographs of about 140 species. Sizes range from around 600 x 400 to 800 x 600 pixels.

Here are a few more mushroom photo sites, listed without comment, for your viewing pleasure:
Hunting for Mushrooms (
Swedish Fungi (
Wild Mushrooms from Tokyo ( (
Société Mycologique Vaudoise (

Many of these sites are not in English, but that hardly matters since you can navigate using the Latin names and the pictures are universal. Many of these sites (and most other mushroom photo sites not listed here) could be improved by presenting the photographs in larger resolutions. With today’s high resolution monitors (the lowest resolution desktop monitor sold today runs at 1280 x 1024 pixels…my main monitor runs at 1920 x 1200 pixels) a 600 x 400 pixel photo looks rather small on the screen! At The Fungi of California ( we aim for 800 x 600 for our “regular” sized photos and 1280 x 960 for our large photos. Quality mushroom photographs deserve to be presented in a size where the beauty of the mushrooms can be easily appreciated, not as the thumbnail sizes so often found on many web sites.

[1] Funga refers to the fungus species occurring within an area. It is the mycological equivalent of flora or fauna.

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