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Web Watch: MykoWeb

20 June 2009

In this installment of “Web Watch” I am covering MykoWeb. First of all, a disclaimer is needed: since MykoWeb is my site, I cannot promise you a totally objective review!

MykoWeb was one of the first mushroom sites on the World Wide Web. Started on 27 September 1995, it has just celebrated its first birthday as a teenager! Since inception, MykoWeb has grown into what is probably the world’s largest and most informative mycological web site. With over 1400 pages and over 6000 photographs, the information presented is extensive. (more…)

Spring Fungi of the Sierra Nevada

10 June 2009

Last week was the first week of June, which means I was gone to the Sierras. I’m always gone to the Sierras the first week of June. It’s the week of the “Spring Fungi of the Sierra Nevada” class at the San Francisco State University Sierra Nevada Field Station, near Yuba Pass, California. We usually call it the “Yuba Pass” class. (more…)

WebWatch: Observing Mushrooms

06 June 2009

Many of you probably expect me to cover my own website, MykoWeb, in this second installment of Web Watch. Instead, I will cover a less well known, but excellent new site, Mushroom Observer. MO may well be the best World Wide Web mycology site that you have never heard of. (more…)