Beverly Hackett:
Capturing the Spirit of Wild Mushrooms

Beverly Hackett's paintings show that she is an artist who understands and appreciates mushrooms. Her lovingly-rendered mushroom portraits fill over thirty notebooks, with paintings that are both pleasing to the eye and brimming with useful information. These annotated watercolors are true to life in both form and color, and show mushrooms in many aspects, from young to old, whole to sectioned. She helped to illustrate the morphological diversity of mushrooms within species by painting unusual as well as more typical forms. Her detailed descriptions and histories provide a valuable historical record and even allow one to argue points of taxonomy many decades after their collection. Their scientific value is enhanced by her careful identification, which she confirmed through the finest mycologists of her day, primarily the late Dr. Harry Thiers and even the newly-published David Arora.

Beverly's paintings capture the beauty that is found in nature and we are fortunate to have her extensive and detailed body of work-an appealing blend of art and science. We hope that her original notebooks will eventually reside in the MSSF library, where they may serve as an inspiration to many generations of mycologists to come. For now, you can enjoy these exquisite reproductions on MykoWeb. Thanks, Beverly, for sharing your work with an appreciative audience of fellow mushroom lovers.

Sample Notebook Pages