Beverly Hackett Bio

Beverley Hackett

Beverley Hackett has lived in her Nevada City home since 1950. Born in Oakland in 1917, she studied art at the California School of Fine Art (now the San Francisco Art Institute) in San Francisco. She worked as a commercial artist in San Francisco for a number of years. After setting out on her own, she worked mainly in landscapes, but her fascination with the natural world turned her towards a smaller scale. She began to focus on the individual organisms that made up her landscapes. During her years in Oakland she became familiar with all of the birds and flowers that inhabited the Oakland hills. She works in watercolors, oils and woodcuts. After moving to Nevada County in 1949 she began to add Fungi to her works. For the past forty years she has worked extensively with the fungi of the Sierra Nevada. Her notebooks contain detailed descriptions of the fungi collected along with either a pencil sketch or a watercolor drawing. For many years she when unable to identify a mushroom, she would send her sketch to Dr. Harry Thiers at San Francisco State for identification.

Beverley is an avid hiker and while she is no longer actively drawing, she continues to acquire current books on fungi. She still hikes in the area surrounding her home at the edge of Nevada City. Visitors will find fruiting bodies of fungi that she has collected on her walks lying about. Her life is best summed up in her own words, "Show me a place where the road stops—that's where I want to be".

—Jerry Bloom